LGKitchen is a food delivery service for days 1-20 of The Plan and beyond.

Delivery service is available in NY State. Our chefs use local and organic foods. All foods and menus are seasonal and can be custom designed to your palate. We are happy to feature gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, and dairy free menus.

Detox Packages, Granola, and The Plan books are also available!

Pricing is $299 for 4 days.

LGKitchen uses local and organic foods, foods and menus are seasonal.BrusselSprouts
All of our meats are antibiotic and hormone free and all fish is wild.

Sample Menus:

Click here to view days 1-4
Click here to view days 5-8

You may purchase all 20 days of YOUR Plan!

Email LGKitchen@LynGenet.com for more details.

View and download our Media Kit!

And visit The Plan website to buy books, get support, order supplements, and learn more about Lyn-Genet and The Plan!